Manufacture and Assembly

We have a state-of-the-art machine park available for the manufacture and processing of machine components. We also carry out paint and surface coating and the assembly of component groups in addition to the mechanical processing steps and necessary welding work. Each machine undergoes a mechanical test run prior to delivery.

Where manufacturing is concerned we reap the benefit of our decades of experience in mechanical engineering. We focus here on the continuous further development of the individual manufacturing steps for which we use state-of-the-art machining centres, CNC lathes, drilling and milling machines. A modern welding robot is used wherever top precision and repeatability are called for.

Control cabinets and machine controls are completed in our own electrical workshop. Electrical installation of the machines right through to the software commissioning is carried out by our own personnel.

In addition we complement our manufacturing program with the services of an extremely efficient group of specialist suppliers.

Accessories / maintenance

Loom Accessories

Warp beam drums, harness frames, heddles and reeds – from reliable sub-suppliers that can be included in the project within the scope of customer specifications.


Loom Up-grades

Loom controls, drives, reinforcements, width increase, warp let-off, pirn changers and more on request – even for looms from competitors


Worldwide re-location of looms

Disassembling, maintenance and overhauling, loading and transport, reassembling, support during start-up. Also for looms from competitors.

Design and Development

Ever-changing market demands make continuous further development of our products all part of our daily business.

We configure and manufacture individual machines according to the requirements of our customers.

Top priority is given to achieving the highest possible benefit for our customers in the form of manufacturing quality, efficiency, productivity, high machine availabilities, energy efficiency and economic efficiency during the whole service life of the machines

The experienced engineers, technicians and software developers entrusted with these tasks have the latest software solutions at their disposal – Ansys design space, Inventor Professional – which enable them not only to optimise the design of the machines and component assemblies, but also to manufacture these as economically and efficiently as possible.

Working with the online transmission and processing of design data from our customers and suppliers is indispensible nowadays.

In addition the experienced casting engineers in our foundry help with finding an economical solution for the implementation of new developments. FEM calculations make it possible to simulate and pre-determine residual stress, deformations, as well as the strength of components in advance – particularly important where highly stressed components are concerned. Extensive materials testing and high-precision measuring of components are also used productively.

The newly developed machines undergo testing right through to readiness for serial production in our demonstration weaving shop. The looms and machines in this area are available for our customers to carry out their own tests. This gives customers the opportunity of carrying out practical tests before making the final investment decision.

This corporate orientation puts us in a position to shape the future positively in cooperation with our customers and above all in line with market requirements.