Willkommen bei Jürgens Webmaschinen

Welcome to Jürgens Looms

As a leading specialist we supply the weaving looms required for technical fabrics worldwide. Where weft insertion is concerned we are the only manufacturer to successfully operate the projectile, band rapier and weaving shuttle for endless fabric.

We set new standards with regard to productivity and quality. Our customers produce first class products with maximum efficiency and a high level of machine availability with the world’s fastest wide weaving loom with its speed of 140 ppm and weaving width of 11 m.

Our weaving looms can be designed reliably for tensions of up to 65,000 N/m in beat-up.

The widest weaving loom ever produced was 33.15 m and it was supplied by Jürgens in the year 2005. A world record in the Guinness Book of World Records.

We also supply the necessary beamers and creel systems for warp preparation for the entire field of technical fabrics.  Warping speeds of up to 300 m / min are just part of daily business for our customers. 

In addition to the continuous further development of our products, we also offer our customers a variety of upgrade packages and loom relocations – also for looms from our competitors – as part of our core business.

Our products


Paper machine clothing

Sophisticated, high-quality fabric is used in paper machines for sheet formation, drying and transport of the paper web.




Complex, high-quality technical fabrics are used in the paper machines for sheet formation, drying and transporting of the web. Jürgens supplies the necessary systems for producing these fabrics.


Technical fabrics

For use in different branches of industry – for transporting, drying, reinforcing and for producing carrier backing fabrics. Jürgens has the suitable machine designs for producing these fabrics.